Fast and accurate.


  • Simple, ultra quick and easy to use application. Built with the user in mind.
  • Platform arrival exit options include all multiple street exits and line interchanges.
  • Data for all operational underground lines and respective stations (2009).
  • Includes the latest (2009) and most comprehensive (all London rail lines - Tube, British Rail, DLR and Tram) map available, customised for ease of use.
  • No need for Wi-Fi or a GPS connection. Required data is built in. After all, you’re underground.
  • Train and platform image overview with yellow line mid-point indicated so that you can approximate where to stand on the platform for the correct carriage.
  • Coloured text alerts for how busy the station is and how many people you are up against to get out first!

You will sometimes only have a matter of seconds to determine where to stand as the train arrives.

This app has been specifically designed to be used quickly with one hand while walking down to your platform.

See advanced demonstrations here.

(Tube map also includes British Rail lines)