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> John

Having lived in London since 1995, John came up with the idea for Tube Pro in 1999 although back then with no iPhones or PDA's, the only option was to compile an information booklet which didn't seem very practical!

Over the years, John has run a number of successful online businesses. Having left his last company in early 2009, he decided that he would revisit the work he had done so many years ago and finally make the tube pipe dream a reality.

"As the saying goes that there's always a novel inside you, I also think there's an iPhone app inside everyone too. This is mine" says John.

> Adam

Originally from Poland, the tube is a mystery to Adam. However, he more than makes up for his lack of knowledge of the underground, with his superior understanding of technology and programming techniques.

Adam has worked closely with John since early 2007, and is continually juggling projects in the UK and in Europe through his company 314 Technologies.